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      Just How Much Could an Experienced Home Care Aide Make a Positive Difference in the Life of an Aging Parent Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

      By Jay Bloodsworth | Aug 22, 2018

      Having a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is not going to be easy. It might be a spouse, sibling, parent, or somebody else close to you. Perhaps you and others in the family had suspected something like this, but there is a significant difference between suspecting it and hearing the diagnosis. When a person has…

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      Talking About Driving Is a Serious Safety Topic for Seniors

      By Lucy Andrews | Aug 20, 2018

      When you get behind the wheel to go to work, head to the store, or visit somebody, do you ever think twice about your safety? Most of us, especially when we have a great deal of experience driving, don’t. We simply slip behind the wheel, start the engine up, back out of our driveway or…

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      Verbal Abuse Isn’t Something to Simply ‘Accept,’ but as a Family Caregiver for an Aging Parent or Spouse, What Choice Do You Have?

      By Mary Griffin | Aug 17, 2018

      No one should be subjected to verbal or physical abuse of any kind. Unfortunately, a lot of people when faced with extreme stress, pressure, and fear, have a tendency to lash out at those closest to them. This can result in verbal and potentially physical abuse. When it is directed at a family caregiver, such…

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      Some Home Modifications May Be Necessary to Improve Chances of Recovery for Aging Seniors

      By Evan Loevner | Aug 15, 2018

      It can be a great relief when an aging parent, spouse, or somebody else of ‘advancing years’ is released from the hospital. There may have been numerous questions while they were in the hospital room undergoing tests, surgery, or other treatment options. So, when the doctor finally announces that this person will be discharged and…

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      Receiving Absolutely No Support from Other Family Members to Take Care of an Aging Parent Can Certainly Ramp Up Stress Even More: What to Do

      By Jason Wu | Aug 13, 2018

      This wasn’t really the thing you wanted to do. When your aging mother or father needed assistance, perhaps your siblings, some of their friends, and others turned to you because you live in the same town. It was a matter of convenience, really, but now that you have become their primary caregiver for more than…

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      Tips to Help Seniors with Osteoporosis Recover Through Exercise

      By Jay Bloodsworth | Jul 18, 2018

      Being diagnosed with osteoporosis means a person’s bone structure is getting weaker. The most common factor in osteoporosis is age and women are far more likely to be diagnosed with this condition than men. For those seniors who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, if they’re hospitalized for any other health emergency or reason, including surgery,…

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