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Posts by Jay Bloodsworth

Tips to Help Seniors with Osteoporosis Recover Through Exercise

Being diagnosed with osteoporosis means a person’s bone structure is getting weaker. The most common factor in osteoporosis is age and women are far more likely to be diagnosed with this condition than men. For those seniors who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, if they’re hospitalized for any other health emergency or reason, including surgery,…

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Three Tips That Could Help Seniors Get Stronger and Stay Safer

Keeping seniors safer at home requires forward thinking, planning, and accepting one’s own limitations. As people get older, their body will begin to lose strength and that will affect their balance. However, there are ways to improve safety and help seniors get stronger as they get older. Here are three potential tips that could be…

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A Key Step During Recovery Is Finding the Joy in Life

When some people are going through an extremely difficult situation in life, it can be hard to experience the joy they once had in their younger years. When an elderly person has been hospitalized, either due to a heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, or even injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident, for example, recovery…

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Three Things That Immediately Improve Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Bathroom safety is something all of us should consider regularly, even though most of us never give it a passing thought. For seniors, safety can be compromised in many ways and for many different reasons. As people get older, their ability to maintain their balance, even when they slip slightly, dramatically diminishes along with their…

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