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Posts by Mary Griffin

Emotions Can Interfere with Quality Alzheimer’s Care

It’s not going to be easy supporting somebody with Alzheimer’s. Early on, shortly after diagnosis, the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease may seem relatively mild and the senior might only need a few simple reminders about what needs to be done, conversations they had, and even appointments that are coming up. Eventually, though, things…

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Could Incontinence Lead to Safety Issues for Seniors?

When a person thinks about incontinence, either for themselves, an aging parent or other family member, or even a friend, they might think about embarrassment issues, discomfort, and other factors, but how likely would they think about safety? For seniors, safety should always be a top concern, whether they live at home alone, with a…

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COPD Poses Issues for Some Seniors Following a Hospitalization

Dealing with any lung-related disease, including COPD, can not only be extremely difficult, it can be frightening. A person can’t catch a full breath and it can feel as though they are drowning. Following hospitalization, whether it was due to a heart attack, major surgery, stroke, aneurysm, accident, or something else, an individual dealing with…

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Will a Home Care Aide Also Help Keep the House Clean?

Home Care for Seniors in Alamo CA This is a question many family members have when looking into home care support options for an elderly or disabled loved one. They want to hire somebody who will be there to provide the physical assistance their family member needs, whether it’s help getting out of bed, taking…

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3 Challenges Families of Seniors with Dementia May Face

Alzheimer’s Care in Danville CA As someone whose family member was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ve entered into the fraternity of a small, but growing group of people all across the country. There are an estimated 5.4 million people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s throughout the country (Alzheimer’s Association). Most of these family members have no…

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